Norfolk, Virginia: “Died While Seeking Relief”(1901)

Main entrance, Calvary Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia. Photo: Nadia K. Orton, 2012. All rights reserved.

On a formerly unknown burial in Calvary Cemetery…

“A Colored Man Who Was Very Ill Dies in the Office of Dr. L. C. Shepherd

An old colored man staggered into the office of Dr. L. C. Shepherd, in Freemason street, about 7 o’clock Sunday evening. The man said his home was in Princess Anne avenue, but before he could give his name, he died.1

It seems that the negro, who was about 40 years of age, was suffering from a complication of troubles that affected his heart, and his effort to tell the doctor his name resulted in his death.As soon as the man died Coroner Batts was notified and the remains of the man were removed to the temporary morgue in Church street, where they will be kept for identification as long as the law allows, and if no one claims the body the remains will be interred in a pauper’s grave in Calvary Cemetery.”2

  1. Dr. Lemuel Cornick Shepherd (1864-1926) is interred in Norfolk’s Elmwood Cemetery.
  2. The Norfolk Landmark (Norfolk, Virginia), 5 November 1901, p. 1, c. 3; image copy, Newspapers ( : accessed 8 March 2020).

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