Northampton County, Virginia: Sacred Ground’s on the Eastern Shore

One of our fans let us know that this blog has been featured on Northampton County, Virginia’s official website as a great resource for African American cemeteries for quite some time. We had no idea! Thanks Kim!

Grave of Pvt. Tobias Savage, Company I, 4th United States Colored Infantry. Franktown, Northampton County, Virginia. Photo: Nadia K. Orton, November 3, 2013. All rights reserved.

Accomack County, Virginia: Documenting a historically African-American cemetery, Father’s Day, 2017

Documenting a historically African American cemetery on Father’s Day (June 18th), 2017, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. One of the oldest, inhabited areas of the state,  it’s become one of our favorite family destinations. The cemetery is just north of the birthplace of a family elder, who was a much beloved and respected teacher and educator of historic I. C. Norcom High School, in Portsmouth, Virginia. Unfortunately, most of the oldest sections of the cemetery were too overgrown for closer investigation, and my father warned of snakes and other dangers that may have been hidden by the overgrowth. We observed some areas that had been cleared by family members in order to reach their ancestors’ gravesites, perhaps in observance of Decoration Day, or Father’s Day. It was an encouraging thought; we’ll return soon in the hope of further exploration.  ♥