Wilson County, North Carolina: The gravestone of Mrs. Della Hines Barnes

Gravestone of Della Hines Barnes (1858-1935), Rountree-Vick Cemetery, Wilson, Wilson County, North Carolina. Photo: 2020, Nadia K. Orton. All rights reserved.

Detail from the gravestone of Mrs. Della Hines Barnes, wife of David “Dave” Barnes, Rountree-Vick Cemetery, Wilson, North Carolina. Born in 1858, in neighboring Edgecombe County, North Carolina, she was the daughter of Joshua and Pattie Hines.1 Her gravestone features the figure of an angel, pointing up, bearing a palm frond. Angels (seraphim) are symbols of divine intervention, or guardianship, while figures pointing upwards symbolize that the soul has risen to heaven. Palm fronds on gravestones are symbolic of resurrection.♥

Richmond, Virginia: Honoring family, the Ortons and Youngs of Church Hill

The Young Family, Portsmouth, Virginia, ca. 1927. All rights reserved.

One never knows where priceless bits of family history can be found. In 2012, we visited the household of the Parkers, paternal cousins, in Portsmouth, Virginia. They shared with us a great photo of my paternal grandmother, Lillian Vann Young Orton, who was born in 1927, Portsmouth, Virginia. She is featured in this photo, the infant in the center, surrounded by several of her siblings.